Monday, January 17, 2011


Glamour, the very word dilates eye balls, sparks the cerebral cortex and illuminates the milieu with magical fireworks. An air of compelling charm and romance is what is fashioned by the very word glamour. You can find the word "glamour" in old sorcery books describing it as, an alluring bewitching attractiveness. Today this is mostly associated with fashion and style. Do you want to know why is it linked with the magical stuff? This is so because its roots are supposed to be tied in spell-casting, sorcery and magical enchantments. The populace has diverse perceptions about glamour, but the core remains the same. Glamour seems to be a matter of good taste and ones personal style. Is "stylish" a synonym for glamour? Yes, it can be understood sometimes that way.

Glamour can't be pulled off over night. I've tried searching for this in the magazines and Internet. And, the answer stamped is not copying someone else's style. Same style may not apply to your personality as it might to someone else. Endeavor to look for something that fits you, and only you. Fashion always keeps varying, but glamour is analogous to classic music. It on no account gets old, because one will forever see its value with just a glimpse. Zillions are awestruck in their exploration for living the glamorous look. But have you ever wondered what are the constituents found in being glamorous? Let’s begin with the first.
Living life full of glamour connotes that you are in a steady state of growth. You grow emotionally, physically. Intellectually and spiritually in all these ways. Secondly, the glamorous populace becomes skilled at loving and forgiving themselves whenever they fall short of their own expectations. Then comes THE ATTITUDE. A positive attitude goes a long way in erudition of how to carry yourself in life. Place your shoulders back, head held high and with arms swaying from side-to-side, walk smartly forward into the bright light of the day.
      Managing ones lifestyle and making intelligent choices helps preserving a glamorous and a linked lifestyle. This comprises of developing valuable time and MOOLAH management skills that should work for you. If you are not neighboring yourself with others you love, a glamorous life seems to be drained when it should be full of delight. Making a cognizant decision to look outward, while serving others is actually a key component to mounting the glam factor for yourself. You can appear like a million bucks and wear the hottest, most chic fashions but if it lacks warmth and understanding the glamour quotient drops down by at least 60%.
       Finally, Respect Yourself. Envision a superior life, enhanced opportunities, an altogether a better you. Resolve to see yourself as a valuable contributor impacting the world. Striving for a glamorous life and look in today's times can lead you to places you might have never imagined. So, do carry out a check on your life and in that moment ask, "Am I really living up to that Glamorous Life I wished-for myself?" So you saw that glamour is just isn't talking about sexy attire or speaking smartly or just looking hep for a sec, it's got a lot more to do and understand. That is why I say that it is time we redefine glamour and decipher its true connotation.


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