Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekly Fashion Horoscope

Week 04 April - 11 April, 2011

The message from the get go this week is, 'if you've got it flaunt it', and you've got 'it' this week. It's the Sun's return to your sign on Monday
that kicks off one of your most importantt solar returns on record, where you're not just walking into a new solar year but a brand new future. Everything about you, for what you do to what you wear needs to scream 'this is who I am'.

In her final days in a competitive part of your chart Venus, planet of fashion is working in alliance with Neptune, to create the kind of goals that you want to set, both personally and professionally. It's from Sunday that you'll have a chance to start spreading your social butterfly wings and with the new season's clothes out in the shops, set some fashion goals or overall objectives you can work towards.

Right up to the moment that Venus, planet of beauty leaves a very adventurous part of your chart on Sunday, she'll be working to entice you out of a fashion rut and into taking more risks. The Sun's return to a more social part of your chart on Monday is likely to lend more weight to Venus' cause especially if a burgeoning social calendar is creating a fashion emergency or crisis. Settling for recycling the same old outfits is no longer cutting it.

As much as you may want to hide in the shadows the stars have other things in mind and more and more you're being drawn into centre stage, especially on the professional front. While you may have perfect confidence in your abilities, this may be creating a fashion crisis just as Venus is creating a desire for a change or even for a total makeover..

Sitting on any fence this week is going to be uncomfortable and especially the fashion fence. In such an important week on both the personal and professional relationship fronts there will be plenty of opportunities to make an impression and to send the right kind of message. Venus, planet of beauty herself will be bringing some wake up calls, especially if you've lost your spark or enthusiasm.

Despite the fact that you're likely to be met with a wall of financial intensity or even pressure at the start of the week, that will increase before it gets better, this does require a drastic cutting of your fashion budget. What it may require, especially as there is likely to be an even greater need to make the right impression, is some creative bargain hunting or inventive ways to get the look you want without breaking the bank.

You're at a crossroads, where a number of things are coming to a head at the same time and there's likely to be many more situations than normal where you're having to make an impression or where you'll be dressing to impress. Yet this comes at a time when being anything other than totally true to yourself will be impossible, with a need to be who you are and dressing in a way that says 'this is me', mattering more than anything.

Go for low maintenance and no hassle in a week that is likely to have more than enough complications and demands without making fashion just another one. Yet at the same time, when dressing up and having fun is going to take your mind off things, then knock yourself out, but on your terms. It's when dressing up, making an impression and spending time on having the right look isn't fun that you need to drop it.

Romantic and creative forces are exploding all around you this week, to a point where despite life's pressures, getting into something fun or funky is going to be a mood changer. Explore your own creative side, either by mixing and matching, accessorising or even getting into designing. It's when you add your own unique touches and you get to explore your creativity that you'll have fun and catch eyes.

In a week that is likely to have more than enough demands on your time, with finding the right work/life balance a serious issue, take an approach to your fashion that helps not hinders the situation. As well as going for low maintenance and time saving choices, look at where your fashion choices can improve the situation. When you're feeling confident and you're looking and feeling good everything can seem a lot easier.

Venus, planet of beauty is not only in her final days in your sign, but before she leaves on Sunday she'll align with dreamy Neptune. This is giving you a certain allure and natural charm and beauty that is going to come from within, with the more you can work to enhance that the more stunning you'll look. Go for looks that express externally how you feel or how you want to feel, drawing out your inner glow.

Don't be surprised if your birthday month ends on Monday and you still don't have a new style for your new year or if you don't yet know or possibly even care what styles you'll go for this year. With Venus, planet of beauty not due to return to your sign until Sunday there is likely to either be a lack of interest or a lack of knowing what you want. If you're not sure avoid the shops, waiting until you have Venus on board.