Saturday, January 15, 2011

Define style!

Do you ever notice those people who always seem pulled together and fashionable? They make it look effortless.
That's probably because they know exactly what their personal style is, which makes getting dressed in the morning effortless, because they love everything in their wardrobe!
Having your own style lets people know what you're all about.
Whether it's classic, trendy or sexy, a personal style gives you
a unique look and helps define your personality.

WEAR WHAT WORKS ON YOUR BODY. It's tempting to be attracted to
trendy items when it comes to your personal style. But dressing
your body in styles and cuts that work best for it shows you have
a lot of style.

COUNT ON CLASSICS. A classic trench coat, pearls or a
little black dress are great pieces to create a signature
classic style!

HAVE A SIGNATURE PIECE. Choose an accessory  that can be
your "signature piece". It could be an oversized
faux flower pin, a fedora, a studded purse, a Hermes scarf
or a black wool beret. Make sure it's fun, expresses
who you are and wear it every day (or almost every day!)
So now,it’s easy to see how can you be like those people,
that you admired, and other one put you in top of the list
like a stylish person!

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