Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In every day I saw girls and women dressed only because shes saw in the fashion magazines that thing, a piece in trend. I accept this for me? Can you accept this for you? Let's think about this a minute: if your choice is to be like them, can you call you a fashion victim? Of course! But if you take that piece of clothing and you will adapted to your style you'll became a creator of style, your own style! It's more fun to be like that. This is my opinion, dears. Let's play with fashion, let's update the vintage dresses, let's see now what the ignorants don't see! Can we be a bright spot in a grey world, or can we be a colored pallet in a place who doesn't know the joy of colors. All we have to do is to create our image...it's not so hard, we have to be subjective!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  There is a time when we escape in the dream world, here we can fix our limits, our opportunities, there the time is probably unstoppable. Can you lay down and fly in the same time, can you smile and cry for nothing, can you feel the abyss, and also can you touch the unknown. Strange feeling but I love it...


...and when you put your imagination in function is so amazing that you can be the one you are dreaming it! I give you an advice : stop dreaming! Chose to be in real life that person, that thing, it's so nice..


Sunday, February 6, 2011

our half...the man!

       No offense, guys, but a lot of you just don't have much in the way of style. Why do most men in their twenties still dress like they did in high school (sagging jeans just look dumb on a 25 year old). And why is it that man over 30 suddenly decided that khakis up to their armpits and dorky sports t-shirts are fashionable? Read and learn, boys. And ladies - pass this along to men in need!

   Style does not mean forgoing comfort. There are plenty of items that you can wear that are quite comfortable (including jeans) and still stylish. The main things to remember with jeans are fit and wash.

    -Fit is the single most important thing when it comes to jeans. If they don't fit well, they don't look good! Jeans should have a low rise (not the thong-showing low-rise popular in women’s jeans for so long), not too low, but below your navel. They should be fitted (not tight) through the hip, and then somewhat looser in the leg. Relaxed fit and "loose fit" jeans should be avoided. Boot cut, wide leg, straight cut ,slim fit jeans are all good.

Tips: when you buy a pair of jeans look inside of them legs cut. Look like bandy they will fit fabulous.

-Wash is basically the color and level of  "worn-loudness" in a pair of jeans. Avoid bright blue at all costs. Jeans should either be a dark rinse (indigo, dark, grey,  navy blue) or a stonewashed light rinse. Dark jeans can either be worn out or not. Light jeans should be slightly frayed.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If day by day we meet with wardrobe crisis it's time to learn some tips for party out night!
Slip into a festive little black dress. This season, designers are putting a twist on the classic cocktail favorite. Plus nab the perfect finishing touch.

20s: Inspiration!
Slip into a sexy, sculptural shift.

30s: Inspiration!
Embellishment and lace prove to be sublimely chic.

40s: Inspiration!
Be the life of the party by adding some sparkle and shine.

50s: Inspiration!

Pick a dress that hits the right spot: below the knee.

60s: Inspiration!
Focus on silhouettes with feminine shapes
Work in a number that's rich in texture!