Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In every day I saw girls and women dressed only because shes saw in the fashion magazines that thing, a piece in trend. I accept this for me? Can you accept this for you? Let's think about this a minute: if your choice is to be like them, can you call you a fashion victim? Of course! But if you take that piece of clothing and you will adapted to your style you'll became a creator of style, your own style! It's more fun to be like that. This is my opinion, dears. Let's play with fashion, let's update the vintage dresses, let's see now what the ignorants don't see! Can we be a bright spot in a grey world, or can we be a colored pallet in a place who doesn't know the joy of colors. All we have to do is to create our image...it's not so hard, we have to be subjective!



  1. I LOVE your sketches! You are so talented! Gorgeous work!


  2. I love the skirt in the bottom sketch. i have been sewing that style of skirt for myself! Yes - be original! Cookie cutter fashion is borrringgg!!