Sunday, February 6, 2011

our half...the man!

       No offense, guys, but a lot of you just don't have much in the way of style. Why do most men in their twenties still dress like they did in high school (sagging jeans just look dumb on a 25 year old). And why is it that man over 30 suddenly decided that khakis up to their armpits and dorky sports t-shirts are fashionable? Read and learn, boys. And ladies - pass this along to men in need!

   Style does not mean forgoing comfort. There are plenty of items that you can wear that are quite comfortable (including jeans) and still stylish. The main things to remember with jeans are fit and wash.

    -Fit is the single most important thing when it comes to jeans. If they don't fit well, they don't look good! Jeans should have a low rise (not the thong-showing low-rise popular in women’s jeans for so long), not too low, but below your navel. They should be fitted (not tight) through the hip, and then somewhat looser in the leg. Relaxed fit and "loose fit" jeans should be avoided. Boot cut, wide leg, straight cut ,slim fit jeans are all good.

Tips: when you buy a pair of jeans look inside of them legs cut. Look like bandy they will fit fabulous.

-Wash is basically the color and level of  "worn-loudness" in a pair of jeans. Avoid bright blue at all costs. Jeans should either be a dark rinse (indigo, dark, grey,  navy blue) or a stonewashed light rinse. Dark jeans can either be worn out or not. Light jeans should be slightly frayed.



  1. These are very important reminders on how can men look great and fashion-wise at the same time. Buying the perfect jeans is a must for every mean. I'll surely share this post to my other guy friends. Thank you very much! :)

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