Saturday, March 12, 2011

moment fragrance

scent of a woman...
  It's similar with how am I. It's like a summer morning when I wake up and I smile only because I want, because I feel,because I live.
 Were the moments when I wondered, what I have to feel when I feel that I am a women? The only answer that I give to my soul, it was so simple: to feel me inside.
  I have to feel me outside, first, to know my self, to know what I want, to see what I need.
                                This is how I am, and this is my scent!
  And to return in that summer morning, that time, is my bottle, kept me inside, and gives me every time a new fragrance! To be more explicit is the time when I know that after night, sun comes up, after a bad moment, another one, a good one, will came. At the end, a smile is drawn on my face and I am me again.


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